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At first, it seems that motor oil is relatively the same as cooking one and there would be no troubles with making a choice – be sure it is not so easy. Our aim is not to give you another chemistry lesson or irritate with the technical stat, in this article we will show you the most popular oil brands with some major characteristics and prices. We have mentioned here average prices, be sure that you always can find lower. Don’t know how to cut down on oil – visit http://cheapoilchangecoupon.com

Total Motor Oil

Total Motor Oi
Total Motor oil is widespread in European region than in the USA, nonetheless, the Total company makes great efforts in order to grab American public with a help of already well-known brand name and outstanding quality. You have probably heard that the Total company has become the main sponsor of the International Motor Sports Association. The brand was also one of the sponsors of the Formula 1 and Citroen oil sponsor for a really long period of time. Such long partnership proves another time that Total oils have great performance and high longevity. The average price is per quart, it can be lower, just visit https://walmartoilchangecoupon.com

Valvoline Motor Oil

Valvoline Motor Oil
It is a gorgeous brand with a great history, its founder is credited as one of the inventors of motor oil starting with steam engines and supplying for Model-T. Nowadays, Valvoline is focused on the development of new oils especially for high-mileage engines and, of course, support of the racing sport. Valvoline has many interesting features, for example, its engine guarantee: if your engine is 125,000 miles and more, you can sign up for a program which provides you with a chance to get a longer warranty for using and following oil service tips from Valvoline. Valvoline oil costs per quart.

Pennzoil Motor Oil

Pennzoil Motor Oil
The Pennzoil company, as many others, is trying to keep your engine alive longer and cleaner. They have proved that the quality of the components crucially influences the performance and fuel efficiency. They have even introduced a mileage - fuel saving calculator in order to show what results you may achieve by using the Platinum Synthetic oil. The Pennzoil team did a great job to become a Ferrari official supplier. Still, you have to remember that using Pennzoil oil won’t make your car a racing one, but it will definitely make your engine stronger. You have to pay per quart for Pennzoil oil.